The Best Travel Tumblers of 2024

The Best Travel Tumblers of 2024

In the world of hydration, the quest for the perfect vessel has led to an explosion of innovation and variety, particularly in the realm of 40oz tumblers. There's no doubt, this has been largely led by Stanley, but other drinkware brands such as Hydro Flask, Corkcicle, Brumate, SWIG, Owala, and others have carved out significant niches in the market, each offering unique features designed to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Whether it's the rugged durability sought by outdoor enthusiasts, the sleek design preferred by urban commuters, or the advanced insulation technology demanded by those looking to keep their drinks at the perfect temperature for hours, these brands have responded with products that reflect a deep understanding of their customers' lifestyles.

This blog will explore different options in this category and hopefully show you that you don't need to spend $50/unit on a great custom Travel Tumbler. Also, be sure to checkout our Travel Tumbler Collection, which includes 27 of the top options, including Stanley, Hydro Flask, SWIG, Simple Modern, Bru Mate, YETI and more!

Best Travel Tumblers Under $10:

You might be thinking, how can we get a 40oz travel tumbler with a custom logo under $10? Well it's definitely possible. With several options available here, these are tumblers that are stainless steel on the outside, which helps prevent condensation and offers some degree of insulation, but have a plastic liner on the inside.

Depending on what color and decoration method you're going for, you have three great options between the Thor 40oz, Quest 40oz, and Outpost 40oz tumbler. These won't keep your drinks cold for 10+ hours, but you can expect them to keep your beverages insulated for 2-5 hours. 

If you're on a budget or looking for a giveaway item that will have a higher perceived value, it's worth looking into one of these!  

Best Travel Tumblers Under $20:

You will be very surprised how many great options you have in the sub $20 range for beautiful, high quality, Stanley competitive tumblers. 

You have a classic "Stanley" like design in this 40oz Travel Tumbler which has a minimum order quantity of just 20 units and a price of $14.99/unit with a 1-color logo. They each come in their own gift box and will keep your beverage Cold for 9+ hours and hot for 6+ hours. 

The LeGrande Recycled Tumbler is a beautifully crafter tumbler which comes in eight eye catching colors, offers multiple design options (e.g. Full Laser Wrap), has an ergonomic handle, and is made from 91% recycled stainless steel! Not to mention, 1% of the proceeds of this tumbler are donated to, a nonprofit organization that has transformed millions of lives around the world. 

40 oz LeGrande Recycled Tumbler

Best Travel Tumblers Under $30:

Our top two picks in the $20-$30 range are also the two options with the most color choices. 

The Elemental 40oz Commuter is a exceptionally well built tumbler that comes in 21 eye catching colors, including unique colorways such as Black Speckle and Black Leopard. It's triple wall insulation will keep iced beverages cold for 48 hours. Want to add a personal touch, you can even add personalized names, dates, or slogans to these in additional to your logo. With a lifetime warranty, it's difficult to find something to not like about this Travel Tumbler. 

Our second pick in the $20-$30 range is the 40oz Hydrapeak Voyager. Coming in 28 color options, you'll be hard to not find something to work with your brand. With it's triple layer insulation keeping drinks cold for up to 30 hours and hot up to 12, it has the same quality build as options costing 30% more. With a spill and leak resistant lid and anti-slip rubber base, you're getting a lot of premium features in this mid-priced option. The only down side we see is that it's only offered with a laser engraved logo, but if you don't need a printed logo, you should consider this tumbler, especially with an MOQ of just 12 units! 

 Elemental® 40oz. Commuter

Best Travel Tumbler Under $40:

Ok, now we're getting to the good stuff. In our opinion, we don't see a reason to be spending over $40 on one of these tumblers. We've already discussed several great options below the $30 price point and the ones to follow here should hit on everything you're looking for in a Travel Tumbler for your recipients. 

Owala, a brand who's known mostly for their innovative bottle, the FreeSip, which features a flip top lid that allows for you to drink from it's patented straw system or tilt it back and drink through the wide mouth opening, also has an amazing 40oz Travel Tumbler. The owala 40oz Travel Tumbler, features a 2-in-1 lid that lets you sip or swig, it's splash resistant, and will keep your drinks cold or hot for hours! As Food & Wine blogger Elisabeth Sherman wrote, "I thought I loved my Stanley, but after trying out this new tumbler, I'm never going back." 

If the limited color options of the owala aren't for you, and you still want that 40oz premium tumbler, then you need to look at the Hydrojug Traveler. Hydrojug, a company that has focused mostly on the fitness space, has developed a travel tumbler that we would say is in the running for best travel tumbler overall. The Hydrojug Taveler is completely leakproof thanks to it's innovative flip down lid. Check out the video on our product page and you'll see why there are so many reasons to love this tumbler. Triple insulated, rubber base, dishwasher safe, and can be customized with printed or laser engraved logos, what else do you need? 

Bigger isn't always better. If the 40oz size tumblers are too large for your liking, we highly recommend looking at the 32oz Hydro Flask Travel Tumbler. It comes in four core colors, is made from 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel for pure taste and no flavor transfer, and can be customized with a printed or laser engraved logo! 

Best Travel Tumbler Under $50:

If for some reason you're going to spend over $40 on a custom travel tumbler and one of the two available colors from Stanley aren't what you're looking for, here are our top picks. 

The RTIC Road Trip Tumbler is the only one of these 27 tumblers that has a ceramic lining on the inside of it. What does this mean? No metallic taste. Perfect for your green juice, coffee or other flavored beverages. RTIC has been making drinkware for years and they do not skimp on quality. This tumbler will keep ice in it for 24 hours and is dishwasher safe. One other benefit, you can order as few as 1 piece from us with your logo!

Our other top pick in this range is the Brumate ERA 40oz Tumbler. It's leakproof thanks to the Ü-Turn™ lid that works for both cold and carbonated beverages, has a metal straw, not plastic, and will keep ice for 24+ hours. 

RTIC Road Trip


Hopefully, you now know that there plenty of great options out there for you when it comes to Travel Tumblers. The best one for your brand and audience will depend on several factors including, budget, color, decoration method, insulation performance, spill-proofness, eco-friendly, and others. 

If you're interested in placing an order for some custom branded tumblers, please feel free to send your quote request over on the product page directly or email us at and one of our brand specialists will get back to you. We offer free mockups and designs so just shoot over your logo and let us handle the rest! 

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