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Employee Recognition & Engagement

Recognizing and appreciating your employees is now more vital than ever to the success of your business. In our partnership with HALO, BrandCloud brings you a comprehensive array of solutions for employee recognition, rewards, and incentives. These solutions are thoughtfully designed to foster engagement, stimulate inspiration, and drive motivation within your workforce.

Organizations with high employee engagement achieve:







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Built for people as unique as you

We are all unique individuals with different tastes and preferences. Some of us might live in one location year round while others may move addresses. Some of us may prefer laying out on the beach while others may want to be trekking up the trails in Zion National Park.

We’re not all the same and neither should our reward options be.

  • Give recipients the power of choice
  • 90+ countries with in country fulfillment
  • Global gift card options
  • Experiential awards such as travel and event tickets
  • Charitable donation options
  • Fully custom physical awards and trophies

Social Recognition

Connect employees across the world with our cloud-based employee recognition software. A universal, points-based rewards currency puts the largest selection of employee achievement awards and the power of choice at your employees’ fingertips.

Being social and sharing recognition far and wide is essential to companywide culture building. HALO’s cloud-based employee recognition software allows for deep personalization, dynamic program updates, and the ability to connect employees across departments and regions during celebrations with easy-to-use tools.

Customized Awards & Trophies

Need a physical piece to accompany a recognition moment? We got you!

Work with our design team to create impactful, memorable, one-of-a-kind pieces for your program.

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Global Connection

Celebrate employee milestones consistently and effectively no matter where they are located.

  • 90+ In-country fulfillment options
  • Regional based gift catalogs
  • 30 pre-set languages on our enterprise platform
  • Numerous HRIS Integrations and SSO

Need a way to recognize new hires?

Check out our Custom Kitting Solutions for New Hire Kits

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Our process starts with a comprehensive needs analysis, during which we partner with you to meticulously craft a bespoke plan for your Employee Recognition Program that flawlessly aligns with your brand's ethos.

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